November 27, 2011

Christmas Cards/Gifts

I made these for my co-workers.  This was the first time I did something on this level.  I usually give out cards.  So this year I still gave out cards but added some chocolate goodness.  Plain M&Ms are my favorite and you get "more bang for your buck" with plain than with peanuts.  Plus they had cool christmas colors which made it even better.  I used up all the bling in my stash and some paper I bought off of the .25 cent rack at Micheal's.  I also used washi tape as border.  I used a 1 inch fiskars punch and Stamps of Life for the wreath.  I made a total of 16 and since the bottles are plasic, the guyys at work can use them for paper clips or anything small in the office.  The total project took an hour and a half and 5 bags of M&Ms.  I kept it simple and easy since this was a starter project.  My nmext craft project will be an "Advent calendar".  I will post step-by-step when I start.  Some of my friends commented on the skull and cross bones on the back of the paper.  I made a reference to the fact that chocolate and sometimes be your best frien or your worse enemy....LoL